Ford, Argo AI to Launch Self-Driving Lyft Cars Before 2021

Ford Emblem | Topeka, KS

The future is here. Before 2021 comes to a close, Ford and Argo AI will debut a fleet of self-driving Lyft cars in select markets.

The autonomous rides will first roll out in Miami. However, other markets won’t have to wait long to get in on the fun — in early 2022, the innovative fleet will launch in Austin. And over the next five years, the companies plan to put about 1,000 autonomous cars into service across the country.

If you’re wary about stepping into a fully self-driving vehicle, don’t worry. Each vehicle in the fleet will be staffed by a safety backup driver.

This isn’t Ford and Argo AI’s first time collaborating, either. The dynamic duo has been testing other types of self-driving fleets in a variety of major markets, including Austin and Miami, as well as Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Palo Alto.

Logan Green, the CEO and co-founder of Lyft, enthusiastically welcomes the resources, support, and expertise of automakers like Ford. All in all, Ford intends to invest $29 billion through the year 2025, aimed toward advancing self-driving vehicle technology.

Some of that smart technology is already making its way to Ford production models. Ford BlueCruise is an advanced driver-assist system that combines adaptive cruise control capabilities with lane-centering technology to provide a hands-free ride on select highways.

This futuristic feature can be found on certain versions of the 2021 Ford F-150 and 2021 Mustang Mach-E. To get behind the wheel of one of these advanced vehicles, give us a call or visit us at Laird Noller Topeka Ford in Topeka, Kansas.

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